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Holly Bourne KonMari Raleigh Chapel Hill durham

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Holly Bourne KonMari Durham Chapel Hill Raleigh

Hi, I’m Holly, and I would love to help you find more joy by creating space.

As North Carolina’s first Certified KonMari Consultant, trained directly under Marie Kondo, I bring expertise in a new, mindful approach to home and lifestyle organization.

With my personal, one-on-one tidying lessons you will find more peace of mind inside your home while learning new skills and habits to support your ideal life. Make the commitment to live an intentional, joyful, and tidy life, and let Tidy Habitat help you get there.

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Working Together

Holly Bourne KonMari Raleigh Chapel Hill durham



Tidy Habitat offers in-home, hands-on personal coaching sessions using Marie Kondo’s KonMari Method. We work together, side by side to get you organized, centered, and loving your home. I’ll support you the entire way, so your journey is a success, and you can begin to focus on the things you really want to do.

It starts with a vision. Organizing your home is a highly personal process. Before we meet, I will send you some easy questions to help you define your vision. At our first meeting we will discuss that vision, and get a sense of what will bring you the most satisfaction in getting organized.


Next, we dive into the work of decluttering and organizing your space. With my guidance and support we will work through the five KonMari Method categories to transform your space to match your values and vision. Discarding is first, storage is second, and the process ends once everything in your home passes the “spark joy” test. You will learn and practice valuable skills and daily habits that you can use for a lifetime. I will keep you motivated, focused on your vision, and help you overcome any bumps along the road.


How long does it take? Each project is unique and the time required depends on the size of your home, the pace of your work, and your ability to do homework. The most accurate estimate for a full KonMari journey is made after our first session together. I often recommend between 4 to 8 sessions to complete the whole process. A KonMari tidying journey takes focus and commitment and is best scheduled with regularity.



School Teacher, Durham, NC

I could not have done the Konmari process without Holly! She is so passionate about her work and brings this happy energy to the process. She really takes the time to get to know you and your space. I was so happy to have her support on what was sometimes a daunting task. She’ll sit with you in the space that’s needed to sort through items, she’ll pass you a tissue when you cry and she has all sorts of helpful tips up her sleeve during the journey. Her encouragement and cheering helped me make it to the end. Holly is the one you want in the trenches with you as go through the process of Konmari!


Photographer, Cary, NC

I can't tell you how much of a  difference this has made in my life! I knew when I read the book (The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up) it was going to be answer to finally creating a calm and organized home. But the book alone was not enough...Holly made it all happen. She worked with me side-by-side, walking me through the process with patience and encouragement. My husband had a huge smile on his face for weeks after we finished. This has been a huge life-changer!


Professional Counselor, Raleigh, NC

Tidy Habitat really helped me get clear on my vision for tidying. I wanted my home to be a sanctuary for our family, open, light and warm, with free space all around. I was so pleased after finishing each category, when I saw that everything had a home. It’s nice to open my closet and like everything there! I loved learning the KonMari folding - it makes me take better care of my things. I would much rather have less, and know that what I do have is joyful. Holly's feedback, guidance and support kept me going!


5 HOURS - $375
3 HOURS - $225

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